Bighorn Sheep Are Helicoptering Their Way Back From the Brink

The animals will travel by truck 75 miles north to Lee Vining, where another helicopter will take them into Yosemite. News footage later that day will show Stephenson, Few, and another team member, each standing atop a box. On cue they pull up the doors. The bighorn run dizzily into their new surroundings, like spooked […]

Do Chimps Trade Food for Sex?

Some studies report cases of male chimps trying to sweeten the deal: sharing game they killed, or crops they filched, with females that mated with them. In a 2007 West African chimp study, a female consorted more frequently with a male that gave her stolen papayas, leading researcher Kimberley Hockings, a postdoctoral student at Oxford […]

History about to be made at U.S. Supreme Court on same-sex marriage

A birth certificate and a death certificate. Those legal documents that mark the beginning and the end of a life have led a group of Americans to the highest court in their land, a journey they never anticipated taking and one that is set to make history. Their fights over whose names belong on those […]

Couple says AlarmForce waited more than an hour to call police during robbery

An Edmonton couple says they counted on an AlarmForce security system to protect their home and possessions but say the company failed them exactly when they needed it. Stuart and Kelley Palace claim the company waited more than an hour after receiving the first alarm before it called the police. In the meantime, thieves went […]

Netflix and HBO border-hopping: Is anyone getting caught?

On any given night, thousands of Canadians are breaking the rules set out by Netflix and other online video streaming services. They’re watching content restricted to other countries, such as the original Star Trek series or Skyfall — the latest James Bond movie, available on Netflix U.S. but not in Canada. U.S. Netflix accessed by 1/3 […]

‘Typical’ family in federal budget might not be so typical

The middle-class income of a Canadian family of four, with both parents working, appears to have stalled, at least according to the “typical” example presented in last week’s federal budget. Henry and Cathy, raising their two kids Grace and Elizabeth, pull in $120,000 between them, says the example highlighted on page six of the main […]

Conservatives don’t know if some tax credits are working

The Conservative government doesn’t know whether its first-time homebuyers tax credit is working as intended, and kept the evaluation of the child fitness tax credit hidden, Canada’s auditor general said today in his spring report.  The tax credit for first-time homebuyers’ hasn’t been evaluated since it was introduced, despite an earlier analysis suggesting there could be some problems […]

Procrastinators rejoice: Revenue Canada gives 5 extra days to file taxes

Canadians have been given five extra days to file their 2014 income tax returns, thanks to a “human error” at the Canada Revenue Agency. Last Friday, the CRA issued a statement saying the deadline for filing tax returns electronically was May 5 at 3 a.m.  That was a mistake. 2013 tax deadline extended to May 5, 2014 because of Heartbleed security bug attack on […]

‘Harmless innocence': Police respond to complaint about naked 4-year-old

Ian McIlwaine of Squamish, B.C., said his family is “shaken and very upset” after RCMP, responding to a complaint by neighbours, visited the family’s home because his four-year-old son was playing in the yard naked. On Sunday, McIlwaine took advantage of the warm weather to wax his car outside his home, with his two sons, Tyler, and Conner, 6, playing nearby. […]

Winnipeg police charge man with 1st-degree murder in 2 homeless killings

Watch CBC’s livestream as police update the two homicide investigations at 1 p.m. CT A suspect in the deaths of two homeless men over the weekend in Winnipeg has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. On mobile? You can also watch the livestream here. Police have also charged John Paul Ostamas with second-degree murder in the […]

Baltimore protester’s mother drags him home, is hailed as ‘mom of the year’

One woman’s response to the Baltimore Police’s request that parents take their children out of the thick of violent protests has some people calling her “mom of the year.” On Monday evening, Baltimore Police tweeted a plea to parents to remove their kids from demonstrations protesting the death of Freddie Gray. The protests had turned violent Monday […]

Remains found south of Edmonton ID’d as sex-trade worker missing a decade

Alberta RCMP say human remains found near Leduc, south of Edmonton, are 33-year-old Delores Brower, who was reported missing by family in June 2005. The Métis woman, known by the nickname Spider, worked in the sex trade in Edmonton and was last seen by police on the corner of 118th Avenue and 70th Street on May […]