The US drama you need to watch

Video Image Welcome to Empire, a sexy and powerful new drama about the head of a music empire (Terrence Howard) whose three sons and ex-wife all battle for his throne. Courtesy FOX Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon and Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon in the new hit US series ‘Empire’. Photo: Chuck Hodes/FOX. Source: […]

Why Are Elephants and Other Animals So Wrinkly?

When you write a column called Weird Animal Question of the Week, it’s inevitable that you get some smart-aleck inquiries. Recently someone asked me: “What happens when you put anti-wrinkle cream on an elephant?” (See National Geographic’s elephant pictures.) Any self-respecting pachyderm would turn up its trunk at such an offer. That’s because those fabulous […]

Chilean Birdman Leads Efforts to Save Seabird in World’s Driest Desert

Jürgen Rottmann—a naturalist and ornithologist widely known as the David Attenborough of Chile—rehabilitates giants. He’s lived for 44 years in what is today a raptor rehabilitation center—overseen by the Union of Chilean Ornithologists—in Talagante, outside Santiago, caring for some of the largest birds in existence: emblematic Andean condors (longest wingspan among raptors), huge Chilean blue […]

Newborn survives rare heart transplant surgery

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has an amazing survival story. A baby born seven weeks premature with a bad heart had doctors fearing the worst, but instead at just six days old baby Oliver may be the youngest heart transplant recipient ever, CBS News’ Carter Evans reports from Phoenix. Caylyn Otto always dreamed of tender moments with […]

Coloring in cola linked to potentially higher risk for cancer

It’s well established that regularly consuming soft drinks — even low-calorie ones — is a proven fast track to weight gain, diabetes and obesity. Some people call soda the new smoking and it may be for good reason. Research has found that 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel), the chemical that gives cola its appealing caramel color is a […]

New study findings may help prevent peanut allergies

February 28, 2015, 8:30 AM|Keeping young kids away from peanuts might be the wrong thing to do. Dr. Holly Phillips and Dr. Tara Narula join ” CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss a new study that could transform the way doctors approach peanut allergies Article source:

Top 3 Crime-Related Legal Questions From FindLaw Answers: Feb. 2015

You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers. If you have not yet asked or answered a question in FindLaw’s Answers community, what are you waiting for? This amazing free resource supports a dynamic community of legal consumers and attorneys helping each other out. Simple as that. We see a lot of great questions in our Answers […]

Louisiana teen accused of knocking school bus driver unconscious

BATON ROUGE, La. –  One Louisiana teen has been charged with assault and another with saving the day: The first knocked a school bus driver unconscious and the second prevented the bus from crashing. The 26-year-old female driver had stopped the bus Thursday afternoon to exchange words with a student who was unruly, said Baton […]

Woman dies after fall into frigid NYC’s East River

An official reportedly said that the East River in New York is so cold, a person would die after about four minutes of exposure. (AP) A New York woman died Friday night after she fell into the frigid East River from a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ferry dock Friday while a boat was arriving, a police source told […]

‘Knives are out': Hawaii Dem under fire for taking on Obama over radical Islam

She was Hawaii’s golden girl after winning a seat in Congress with support from top liberal groups, but now that Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has been critical of President Obama, her political reputation in the bluest of blue states is taking a hit.  That isn’t stopping the twice-deployed 33-year-old Army veteran from continuing to challenge […]