Medical Malpractice: First Steps of a Case

Contact the Doc The absolute first thing you should do is contact the doctor or other medical professional involved in your treatment. What you need is an understanding the goal of the medical treatment, whether it was met, and, if not, why. This way, you’ll know if your medical care (or lack thereof) constituted medical […]

Is Your Personal Injury Settlement Award Taxable?

Yes and No Whether or not a settlement award is taxable depends on what it compensates you for. For example, you were injured at work by a rolling office chair breaking your knee caps, and your settlement award was: $10,000 Lost wages $20,000 Medical Bills $30,000 Pain and Suffering $40,000 Punitive Damages $5,000 Interest What […]

How Aetna CEO brings health and healing to workplace

Before Mark Bertolini became CEO of Aetna, he almost died on a family ski trip. While recovering, he looked for alternative ways to manage the pain, reports “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King. Bertolini found healing in yoga and meditation, and it helped change the way he viewed recovery. “Recovery is a state of mind. […]

Feeling anxiety? Smoggy air might make it worse

Air pollution may take a toll not only on physical health, but mental well-being as well, two new studies suggest. In one, researchers confirmed a long-studied connection between air pollution and cardiovascular health — finding evidence that dirty air may help trigger strokes in vulnerable people. The other study looked at a newer question: Could […]

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini on changing workplace and health care

March 26, 2015, 8:41 AM|Before Mark Bertolini became CEO of Aetna, he almost died on a family ski trip. While recovering, he looked for alternative ways to manage pain. As Gayle King reports, Bertolini found healing in yoga and meditation, and that inspired him to bring a new mindset to one of the nation’s largest […]

U.S. denies visa for young Mexican needing heart, liver transplant

HERMOSILLO, Mexico – A young Mexican who urgently needs a heart and liver transplant has twice been denied a U.S. visa to go to the Mayo Clinic for treatment, he and his family said Wednesday. Jose Chua Lopez, 20, was born with a heart defect and could die if he doesn’t receive the transplants, said […]

Devon Still shares more good news about daughter

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is sharing more good news about his daughter Leah’s battle with cancer. In an Instagram post Wednesday, Still said doctors have declared her cancer “officially in REMISSION!” Four-year-old Leah has been suffering from stage four neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer that can develop from nerve cells in children. […]

Doctors misprescribe drugs to foster children

March 26, 2015, 12:03 PM|A CBS News investigation found that children in American foster homes are regularly misdiagnosed and over-treated for medical conditions. CBS News Correspondent Anna Werner spoke to CBSN about the report. Article source:

Indiana declares emergency over HIV outbreak

INDIANAPOLIS – The governor of Indiana declared a public health emergency Thursday in a county shaken by a recent outbreak of HIV infections. Gov. Mike Pence also authorized a short-term needle exchange program to help contain the outbreak in Scott County, in the southern part of the state about 30 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. […]

What’s the top contamination hazard in your kitchen?

Hand towels are the top contamination hazard in the kitchen, according to a new study. Cellphones are another potential source of kitchen cross-contamination, the researchers found. Cross-contamination refers to the accidental transfer of potentially hazardous germs from one surface to another. Kansas State University researchers asked 123 people to prepare a recipe using either raw […]

Ebola not mutating into "supervirus," study finds

The Ebola virus that is causing the current outbreak in West Africa is not mutating as quickly as earlier reports had suggested, a new study finds. This finding helps allay fears that the virus could change into a more infectious or deadly form, the researchers said. In the study, published online today (March 26) in […]

Supreme Court: Pregnant Driver Can Sue UPS

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