Contractor Injured at Your House: Are You Liable?

Homeowners having work done to their homes may be concerned about not just the quality of the work, but also about the potential legal liability for injuries sustained by contractors performing the work. By virtue of owning the property, homeowners may generally be held responsible for injuries caused by negligence in failing to maintain the […]

1,000 people in Arizona may have been exposed to measles, health officials say

January 28, 2015, 9:55 PM|Arizona health officials say about 1,000 people, including 200 children, may have exposed to measles as the outbreak traced to Disneyland spreads. Article source:

​Arizona monitoring 1,000 people for measles linked to Disneyland

PHOENIX – A measles outbreak in Arizona that originated at California’s Disney parks is at risk of increasing dramatically in size as health officials keep tabs on 1,000 people, including nearly 200 children who could have been exposed at a Phoenix-area medical center. Those who haven’t been vaccinated are being asked to stay home for […]

Is a raw food diet good for your pet?

January 29, 2015, 4:45 AM|Raw pet food is a small but fast-growing niche in the pet food market. Proponents say serving your dog or cat raw food mimics what they’d eat in nature. But veterinarians say there are some serious health risks every pet owner should consider. Article source:

E-cigs: A path to quitting, or a gateway for kids?

To advocates of electronic cigarettes, the burgeoning industry is the antidote to Big Tobacco. But public health officials and lawmakers believe that the sale of e-cigarettes could encourage a new generation of smokers. Makers of e-cigarettes — which often contain nicotine — claim vaping is safer than smoking, and that the practice helps smokers quit. […]

New blood pressure guidelines could save lives

January 29, 2015, 6:06 AM|An analysis of new blood pressure guidelines finds they could prevent 13,000 deaths per year without increasing health care costs. Also, the FDA is working to improve the reliability of defibrillators. Marlie Hall reports on the day’s top health stories. Article source:

New link between household chemicals and early menopause

January 29, 2015, 7:17 AM|Researchers say that common household chemicals found in cosmetics and plastics could accelerate menopause in women by up to four years. CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus joins “CBS This Morning” from Los Angeles to discuss the risk. Article source:

Study: ​Some kids with autism show improvement by age 6

More than 10 percent of preschool-age children diagnosed with autism saw some improvement in their symptoms by age 6 and 20 percent of the children made some gains in everyday functioning, a new study found. Canadian researchers followed 421 children from diagnosis (between ages 2 and 4) until age 6, collecting information at four points […]

Playing football as a kid ups brain damage risk

As football fans prepare to watch the 49th Super Bowl this Sunday, a new study suggests that boys who start playing tackle football before the age of 12 may face a higher risk for neurological deficits as adults. The concern stems from an assessment of current memory and thinking skills among 42 former National Football […]