RBC backs down on fees that caused customer outrage

Royal Bank is backing away from a plan to charge customers transaction fees for loans, mortgage payments and debit transactions on some kinds of accounts. The new rules, which were to go into effect June 1, met with complaints and outrage from customers. New bank fees target kids’ accounts and allow ‘double-dipping,’ say customers The […]

ISIS branch claims responsibility for Saudi Arabia suicide attack

A suicide bomber killed at least 19 people Friday in a blast inside a Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia as worshippers commemorated the seventh century birth of a revered figure, residents and officials said. Loyalists of the extremist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria group claimed responsibility for the attack — the second against Shias in the […]

‘The virus will end with me': HIV-positive man with an HIV-negative family shares his story

Andrew Pulsipher of Phoenix, Ariz., was born HIV-positive. He lost both of his parents by the age of eight. But now he’s  being praised for sharing his story about living a happy, normal life with the virus. In a photo publicly posted to his Facebook timeline earlier this month, he’s seated with his wife Victoria and their […]

‘House of horrors’ children’s dentist agrees to quit

A Florida children’s dentist accused of running a “house of horrors” that included performing surgical procedures without anesthetic agreed late Friday to stop practising dentistry. Dr. Howard Schneider of Jacksonville faces multiple lawsuits and his office has been picketed in recent weeks by parents carrying signs as a growing number of ex-patients complain about his […]

Why the U.S. strategy to take on ISIS isn’t working

The recent capture of Ramadi in central Iraq by ISIS fighters has prompted heated discussion around the world about the significance of the city – just 120 kilometres from Baghdad — in the fight against the Sunni jihadists. Many military analysts say Ramadi’s capture represents a devastating blow to the anti-ISIS coalition, while the U.S. […]

Hillary Clinton emails show concern about image after Benghazi attack

Top aides to former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fretted over how she would be portrayed after the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, emails released on Friday showed. The emails from Clinton’s personal email account made public by the State Department do not appear to contain any revelations that could badly […]

Netherlands considers limits on ‘face-covering clothing’ in public

The Dutch government announced plans Friday to introduce a limited ban on “face-covering clothing,” widely interpreted as a new attempt to outlaw burkas, the head-to-toe Islamic robe worn by only a few hundred women in the European nation of 17 million. French Senate bans burka 5 head-covering controversies in Canada THE NATIONAL: Supreme Court of Canada niqab […]

‘There’s no money,’ chef writes brutally honest job ad for Glasgow restaurant

Terrible pay, irregular hours and a “kitchen the size of a closet.” That’s what chefs who want to work at Justin Valmassoi’s new restaurant can expect.  The 35-year-old restaurateur recently posted a job advertisement looking for a new sous chef. Fed up with receiving generic resumé, Valmassoi decided to mix it up.  “I’m probably not nearly as […]

2 Canadians, 1 American found dead after boat trip in Mexico

The bodies of three men, including two Canadians, were found in a lake in western Mexico this week after they went missing during a boat trip, according to local media reports. The three men set sail on Monday from the Playa Azul restaurant near San Juan Cosala in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. They […]

Families in Guinea warned not to transport Ebola corpses on public taxis

Relatives of Ebola victims are transporting their bodies on public transportation in Guinea, seating the corpses upright between other passengers to skirt health controls and contributing to the spread of the deadly disease here, authorities said. The Ebola epidemic began in Guinea and, instead of being snuffed out as officials had hoped, at least 27 […]

Dozens dead after clash between suspected gang members, security forces in Mexico

At least 42 people were killed on Friday in western Mexico in a gunfight between suspected gang members and security forces, two government officials said, the latest bloodshed in an area that has been plagued by violent drug gangs. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said at least two federal police died in the […]

Can I Get Worker’s Comp For The Flu?

This page contains a single entry by Le Trinh, Esq. published on May 21, 2015 10:54 AM. 3 Common Nursing Home Injuries was the previous entry in this blog. What Happens If a Golf Ball Hits My Car? is the next entry in this blog. Find recent content on the main index or look in […]