Can I Get Workers’ Comp For Injuries at a Company Picnic?

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Laura Dern: "Wild" meant the world to me

Laura Dern is coming off a busy and successful year, co-starring in the Oscar-nominated film, “Wild,”alongside Reese Witherspoon. In it, Dern portrays Bobbi Lambrecht, author Cheryl Strayed’s mother, who died of lung cancer just weeks after being diagnosed. Strayed told her story in her 2012 memoir — and that story was turned into the 2014 […]

Jump-start your built-in detox system with a natural cleanse

May 22, 2015, 8:14 AM|Juicing, cleansing and fad diets may not be the best way to re-boot your body. Samantha Heller, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and author of “The Only Cleanse: A 14-day Natural Detox Plan to Jump-Start a Lifetime of Health,” joins “CBS This Morning” with tips on the best cleanse for your body. […]

Ebola flares up after lull in Guinea

CONAKRY, Guinea — Authorities in the country where the Ebola epidemic began are concerned about a new outbreak of cases just as officials hoped the crisis was coming under control. Guinea has recorded 27 new cases within a week, compared to seven in the previous week, according to the World Health Organization. Health officials are […]

Breath-holding games are killing swimmers, CDC warns

As more adults and kids head to swimming pools, lakes and the ocean this Memorial Day weekend, U.S. health officials are warning about accidental drownings from underwater breath-holding games and exercises. Whether as horseplay or part of swim training, “dangerous underwater breath-holding behaviors” can lead to otherwise strong, healthy swimmers losing consciousness underwater and drowning, […]

The all-natural way to detox your body

If you’re looking to reboot your body, extreme cleanses and fad diets are not the best way to go. Instead, there’s an all-natural option that only requires a shift in your diet, Samantha Heller, a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist, told “CBS This Morning.” Heller lays out the plan in detail in her new book, […]

​Some Obamacare insurers want huge premium hikes

A debate over Obamacare premiums is likely to heat up, with several health insurers proposing to boost rates by as much as 51 percent in 2016. While some insurers are asking for sizable premium increases, it’s not certain that state and federal authorities will approve the increases. In some cases, insurance regulators will be able […]

Single mom with cancer campaigns for right to die

A single mother with terminal cancer is suing for the right to get medical aid in dying, and joining a campaign to make the practice legal in California. Christy O’Donnell, a 46-year-old attorney and former police officer, is one of four terminally-ill patients who filed a lawsuit last week challenging the state law that makes […]

First-time allergy sufferers: What you need to know

Sonia Jauhar lived most of her life free of seasonal allergies. But a couple of years ago, after moving to a suburban area of Long Island from New York City, the telltale symptoms began. “My eyes felt itchy and heavy like they were stuffed with cotton,” she told CBS News. “I felt sleepy and had […]

Fish oil may boost brain function in older adults

Consuming more omega-3 fatty acids — found in many types of fish — may benefit people at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests. Researchers looked at 40 mentally healthy adults, aged 65 to 75, who had the gene variant APOE e4, which put them at risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s. Those who consumed higher […]

6 Police Officers Involved in Freddie Gray Homicide Indicted

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